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    Json newbie question


    I have a java web application and am looking to implement some ajax into it. I plan on using jquery and have been reading about jquery with json to return data.

    What I have is a table that contains all values entered for a specific month, there are about 40 rows, and each contain 3 text boxes which can be modified. At the top of the screen there is the ability to jump to previous months or next months. It is the traversing between months that I'd like to implement using ajax. My plan was to submit the month number asynchronously and re-render the table that was returned from ajax.

    The question I have is, is JSON a viable option to return a whole page of data? In the past what I would have done would be to make the call via jquery get the html code as a response and over-write that code onto the page.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    json is the perfect way to reduce the cruft of server-client communication of tabular data.
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