hello coders!

well, i am very new here, only been working with javascript for a couple of weeks. so be kind, and patient.

I am searching for a way to display the title of my images always at the same spot. I'm working on my website, which is a portfolio like page, with quite a bunch of images, and i would like to display the titles on mouse rollover. The titles should all appear on the same spot.

In other words, i want to create a "transparent" text area (layer on top of everything else, displaying text, with no backgroung color) where text would appear when my cursor is on an image. Of course, when the cursor rolls out, the text should disappear, and if it is on another image, this "text area" displays a different text.

When googling it, i am only finding threads to "text box" which users can fill, or tooltips, which is not what i want. (or, i want one of those tool tips box, with fixed position).

Am i being a bit clear?
you can have a look at this website, the idea comes from there for the titles and description: http://www.werkplaatstypografie.org/

any tips, ideas, links will be greatly appriciated.

thanks a lot
nic day to everybody!