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    Dynamic HTML text

    I have a webpage with a link on it to an HTML file, but I want the user to be able to download the HTML file instead of open it by right-clicking the link and selecting Save Target As... (IE) or Save Link As... (Firefox). The page has instructions for downloading the file, but I want the context-menu item label (Save Target As... or Save Link As...) to dynamically change depending on the user's browser.

    What is the best way using JavaScript and HTML to do this?

    Maybe a placeholder tag in the HTML? If so, which tag?

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    the download and context menu has nothing to do with HTML because that’s either server side or application internal. and I don’t like someone playing with my context menu.
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    you can try to recreate an entire context menu for every browser (not reccommended or actually possible), but you can't modify a user's normal menu without coding your app as an extension.
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