I have a WCF connection returning a JSON object to page. jTemplate throws a ..
'$T.ContentType' is null or not an object

what am I doing wrong? If the JSON in error? Is the Template bad?


the JSON ..

{"ContentType": "Sermons",
"Name":"Paul Alcorn",
"Title":"Today Is Great",
"Tip":"Just like every other day",
"URL":"First Entry"

for the template ...
<%-- Results Table Template with Header --%>
<script type="text/html" id="ContentsTable">
{#template MAIN}
{#include CONTENTENTRY root=$T.ContentEntry}
{#/template MAIN}

*** main table ***
{#template CONTENTENTRY}
<tr style="background-color:Maroon;color:White;">
{#foreach $T as entry}
{#include ROW root=$T.entry}
{#/template CONTENTENTRY}

{#template ROW}
<tr class="{#cycle values=['','evenRow']}">
{#/template ROW}