Hey guys, I found this little game script a while back at an online tutorial.
I was working on my own little adaptation to create my little homage to Atari and the 80's and the birth of video games. It seems nobody has of yet created a javascript version of Atari's combat. Here's my test version. You can shoot bullets with the space bar and they curve in that cheesy way Atari used to do. LOL.
So here's the problem. I made the enemy script before the tutorial had added sprites. He's since done it with the script and I've saved a copy to study in case you guys can't help me out, which would be perfectly understandable, as this is a ridiculously hard script to manage. I've done well so far and I think it would be more work to pick back out all I've added and try to adapt it to the tutorial sprite/version. I wanna finish what I started!! I was so close.

What I have to figure out is how to pass the enemy.x and enemy.y to the raycaster and draw the enemy in it's correct position on the 3d screen. From there, I think I know how to draw the right image slices and other stuff. I'm going to add sounds with the soundmanager script, but for now, this all that remains of the framework that needs to be figured out.

For now, the enemy moves around using an array for the new values. I have to make a simple AI for it, but I wanted all the parts assembled before delving into that.

If it's too tough to follow, I understand, and thanks for having a look anyway.
And I hope this is within the scope of this forum. If not, feel free to remove the thread, moderators/administrators.