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    Read this before posting!

    Do not post a thread in this forum unless it actually has something to do with scripting the DOM (Document Object Model), or scripting using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

    There are several interfaces to the DOM, including:

    DOM1 Core: methods such as getElementById, appendChild, and node navigation (childNodes collection, etc)

    DOM1 HTML: getElementsByName(), miscellaneous properties relating to HTML documents

    DOM2 Core: extension of DOM1 Core

    DOM2 Views: document.defaultView, and document.defaultView.document

    DOM2 Events: addEventListener(), various Event interfaces (MouseEvent, MutationEvent, etc. Gecko's proprietary KeyEvent is also acceptable)

    DOM2 Style: getComputedStyle(), various dynamic stylesheet modifications, etc. (questions on IE's similar, but non-compliant implementation are also fine)

    DOM2 Traversal-Range: Range, NodeIterator, TreeWalker, and NodeFilter related questions

    DOM2 HTML: various interfaces that inherit from HTMLElement, etc

    DOM3! Any questions about DOM3 I can try to answer, and any questions about the DOM3 XPath interface which Mozilla implements I should be able to at least help with.

    SVG DOM: SVG itself is more appropriate for the XML forum, however the SVG DOM is another full-featured specification, complete with many interfaces. Animating SVG without SMIL can only be done with DOM, and those sorts of questions are most appropriate here.

    MathML DOM: Same as with SVG DOM

    SMIL DOM: Same as with SVG and MathML

    Browser implementations: Questions about support and discrepancies between browsers on any of these interfaces are perfectly fine for this forum.

    If your question isn't related to any of the categories listed above (or here), then do not post it in this forum.

    Offending threads will be silently moved, and for repeat offenders, depending on how blatant, might be silently deleted.

    DOM Level 0 questions are the grey area. Much of DOM Level 0 was incorporated into DOM2 HTML, and obviously some of it wasn't. Exceptions will be made for these threads, but try to keep document.layers and document.all questions to the main Javascript Programming forum.

    Thank you taking the time to read this. It would really make my job as a volunteer moderator much easier if you obeyed these guidelines, and also ensures a better response for you.
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