Unique PHP RPG Game Creator located at http://rpg.phpengines.info

Price: $200.00USD
Main Site page: http://rpg.phpengines.info
Purchase Page: http://rpg.phpengines.info/buy.php
Demo Site: http://rpg.phpengines.info/game/Test/
User: testing
Pass: testing

I recommend creating your own player account as once certain actions have been done, they can no longer be done.

Server Requirements:

  • Mod-Rewrite (.htaccess)
  • Cron Jobs

Misc Info:
  • Script Uses smarty templating engine

Feature List as of Now:

User Game Features:

  • Crimes (missions)
  • Battle NPC's
  • Attack Players
  • Mugging Players
  • Dungeons (maps, traveling)
  • Crime Records (missions)
  • Train
  • Shop
  • Inventory
  • Treasures
  • In-Game Forums
  • Houses
  • User list
  • Users Online
  • User Profiles
  • News

Game Admin Panel:
  • Add Crime (AJAX)
  • Manage Crimes
  • Add Crime Groups (AJAX)
  • Manage Crime Groups
  • Add Items (AJAX)
  • Manage Items
  • Add Houses (AJAX)
  • Manage Houses
  • Add News (AJAX)
  • Add Navigation Buttons ( replace navigation links)
  • Edit CSS File (to change apearance of game)
  • Add NPC (AJAX)
  • Edit NPC
  • Add Dungeon
  • Edit Dungeon
  • Add Treasure
  • Edit Treasure

Master Admin Panel
  • Mass Email Game Owners
  • Send Announcements to Game Owners
  • Edit Announcements
  • Delete Game's Created

Pre sale questions contact me via
email; ninjastick@aim.com
msn; sim@Po2.net

The screen shots show NPC Dialogue Chatting, NPC Pre-Battle, Treasure found screen and 1 admin feature of how dungeon's (maps) are created