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    Method killing execution

    This method is being used to sort selected values into an array from a webpage form, the form and the CGI is working fine. Whenever I use this method to sort the selected values the execution of the program pretty much stopsand I do not know why?

    The method gets within the first if statement but whenever it has to jump into a second one thats when it appears to stop executing.

    FYI: String array's s1,s2,s3 are instantiated global arrays but I have not declared their length.

    public void sortSelects( String g, String v)
            if ( g.charAt(0)=='1' )
                if ( v.equals("bold") || v.equals("italics") || v.equals("underline") )
                    s1[0] = v;
                    System.out.println( v + "of " + g + "inserted into s1");
                else if ( v.equals("blue") || v.equals("black") || v.equals("green") || v.equals("red") )
                    s1[1] = v;
                    System.out.println( v + "of " + g + "inserted into s1");
                else if ( v.equals("right") || v.equals("left") || v.equals("center") )
                    s1[2] = v;
                    System.out.println( v + "of " + g + "inserted into s1");
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