Hello, I am a complete beginner to coding but I have a software in mind that I want to build for myself. I want to build something that tracks my poker hands on websites that don't have that feature built in. There are already softwares you can buy like "poker tracker" but they only work on sites that have built-in support for them.

And yes, this is allowed. I mean I'm sure that on some sites it's not allowed, but on most you are allowed to track your hands, so you can work on your games. It's basically a more advanced version of writing down every hand, or even recording your sessions as a video.

Anyway, to do this, I need the software to recognize things on the display, as there's no way to see the code itself to my knowledge. It will need to recognize the difference between an Ace and a 4 just by looking at the pixels on the screen. Also my laptop isn't all that powerful, it can run skyrim and minecraft but that's about it. Where's the best place for me to start? What coding language/s would be best for doing this project?