As this is my 1st post I'll introduce myself a bit. I've done programming, even professionally, but it's been a long time and I'm much less confident. I've done real projects with Visual Basic, C# & PHP, I've trained in C & C++.

I'm currently playing Diablo and the abundance of items is making me a bit insane considering I want to make my PC as good as possible. There are item types like helmet/cap, armor/robe, etc. most types are uniques but some can be multiples (rings, charms, etc.). My concerns are
  1. 1 item get Half freeze time (can be on multiple ones, non-stackable (gives no benefit having > 1))
  2. balance the element resistance (some items resist multiple types)
  3. get the highest balanced resistance I can

and I'd like to get a top, say top 5, with different combinations incorporating both the highest average and the lowest difference.

I think this would go by
  1. removing combinations with a difference too high
  2. removing low averages (this cannot be set at programming as PCs level up; it could be user entered or(and) a low priority process calculating all the combinations)

The output should be sorted, ie: fire resistance: cap of X 15%, belt of Y 10%, ..., cold resistance: gloves of Z 18%, belt of Y 8%, ...

I like to do projects using OpenOffice, in this case it would be OpenOffice Base (has reddish purple logo including a cylinders stack).

How should I proceed?
Thank you kindly