Purpose: cvs file with data ready to upload trough salesforce
Input: cvsfile with headers that need to be renamed, added columns -start-jpg
Process: excel or something else?
Output: a master cvsfile (a file where all the data is loaded on) -eind-jpg

The story around it all.
Business cards are getting scanned and automatically converted in a cvsfile.
In order to get them upload-able to Salesforce the headers need to have a specific name.
The data needs to correspond with the specific header.
So I would need to switch columns and change header names.

[U]The story so far.[/]
I have tried using excell2007 but than I would need to do a lot of manual labour.
Since I am uploading them in batches of +-10rows. Using vlookup I would need a batch to correspond with a number.
The problem with this is that I am not able to link a batch with a number (which would be added to List)
Batch1 =1, Batch2=2, ...
The columns would pose a minor secondary time-consuming part. Since I would be able to copy drag it down.

Any questions or remarks don't hesitate!