This is probably a stupid question but me and my friend are new to this... Haha.

I'm making some program for class with my friend and we have all these items moving from left to right using an array. Then, we have a random number select one of the objects in the array and move just that item downwards, HOWEVER, we do not want to move the 'selected' item left to right anymore. We want it to stay in the same position that it started moving downwards from. We have tried MANY different things, and we cannot seem to get it to work.

We were thinking that it might work if you can remove an object from an array but our teacher said that you can't do that... So yeah... We really are stuck now and are therefore using the weekend to search for a solution!

Any suggestions/ideas are welcome...

I hope this made sense. If any questions or clarification is needed feel free to ask and I'll do my best to explain.

*edit* Ok, just so you know, we got it to move downwards. We just need to make it stop moving side to side. Yeah.