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    I need a program

    Hello codingforums! First of all, I'm not a programmer and I have no clue if I'm posting this in the right section..

    So why am I here if I'm not a programmer, you might wonder.

    Well, I need a program I can't find anywhere, it's a simple pretty program. What it does: When I press a button (needs to be bindable to any key on the keyboard and preferably some mouse buttons) it shows up a number, for an example the number 1, when I push the button again the number 2, etc. It needs to be possible to go all the way up to 1 million.

    It has to be possible to add a number for an example 236999 and then continue counting from that number if my computer crashes or I turn it off.

    It also needs to be possible to have it on-top of other programs, lets say a game, I need to be able to still play the game normally while having the program on top. Does that make sense?

    I'm gonna use it to count a lot, for lols, basically. I might try to beat some of the current records, but don't COUNT on it.

    I'm willing to give some kind of reward/payment to someone who can help me out with this. It'll by no means be a lot because I'm a brokeass student, so I'm basically looking for someone who'll do this for fun / some small monetary gain!

    Thanks <3

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    If it can be any language, I'd use Visual Basic.Net. First start up a new windows form application. Next set the form's: KeyPreview and TopMost properties to True. Now declare a private integer variable at the form level. Finally generate the Form's KeyPress event and add this code(assuming the variable's name is counter):
            If counter < 1000000 Then
                counter += 1
            End If
    It doesn't work for mouse buttons, but it works for keyboard input. By the way, it sounds like you're trying to create a macro which is probably against this site's AUP.


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