Dear all,

I'm an apprentice in the last year of Electronics Engineering, my project is to monitor an Elevator via PC.
I'm using the PIC18 as an intermediate device: "PC-> PIC18 -> Elevator controller".
The section "PIC18 -> Elevator" is handled smoothly, no problem with that.
The section "PC -> PIC18" is half done, I could get and understand the firmware that insures a USB communication.
However, I'm having a problem doing an Interface on the PC that responds to the received data from the PIC (i.e the elevator) and represent it in a cool way on a PC (it could be via LEDs on a terminal or maybe a fancy GUI of an elevator simulation etc...)

So basically I need some sort of Terminal (written on VB or whatever) that can read data from USB port and do a graphical action. Could anyone help me with that?

Thanks in Advance.