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    New to the Forum

    Hey everyone, just saying hi since I am brand new on here. I've just started some college courses for my mechatronics major that involve quite a bit of computer information. I find this stuff to be fascinating, and I want to learn more about it, so I figured what better place than here. I'm not really sure about program coding so I want to learn some more. I have done some website building, but I want to learn more. That being said, what would anyone recommend that I start doing to learn this stuff. What are the different kinds of programming, what kind is used with what, what can I do with different kinds, just the very basics so I know where to begin. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    ray welcome to codingforums! The first thing you need to decide is web programming, application programming, game programming, or all of the above.

    You are new so I will point out a few things you may not know.
    Pretty much every forum and sub form on CF has stickies at the top of the forum listing all kinds of great references and general posting rules. I highly recommend you read these first before posting as sometimes you end up asking for information that is sitting out in plain view and you may get some negative responses from people.

    If you want to learn more about web development, you should be focusing on the core basics first, HTML and CSS, because most of the work your going to do will require a solid knowledge of those 2 topics . Then you move on to client side and server side programming - Client side = JavaScript , serversideside = typically PHP or .net ( C# or VB) . There are specific forums here for all of thsoe topics, each again with posts stickied at the top of the forum with a ton of info for you to peruse.


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