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    x86 assembly program not adding up correctly

    Newbie here so be kind please. I need AL to sum the ASCII characters in a name. For example, Joe should be 13E, but it is coming up 11E. If I put a space before and after Joe in the string, it sums up correctly. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

    INCLUDE Irvine32.inc
    fullName BYTE "Joe",0		; Store name in string
    nameSize = ($ - fullName)			; Variable to store length of name
    main PROC
    	mov ECX,nameSize				; Set counter for loop
    	mov ESI,OFFSET fullName			; Set pointer at name variable
    	mov EAX,0						; Clear the EAX register
    	mov EBX,0						; Clear the EBX register
    checkSum:							; Loop 
    	mov AL,[ESI + ECX - 1]			; Move to AL (8 bit register), point to characters in string
    	add EBX,EAX					; Add EAX and EBX registers together
    	loop checkSum					; Loop  
    	mov EAX,EBX					; Move EBX to EAX
    	mov EBX,0						; Clear EBX register
    	call DumpRegs					; Display results
    main ENDP
    END main

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    "Joe" looks to me like it sums to 11E. Are you sure you've looked it up with the "J" uppercase?

    Nice to see someone writing assembly language.

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