Hello everyone!

I'm new at this forum and want to kick off with a mathematical problem i'm currently running in to. I hope i'm at the right place with my problem!

I want to make a program which can help me be more efficient in cutting wood. For example: i have stacks of planks that are 600cm long. I need to cut 9 peaces of 120cm and 2 peaces of 130cm. Since i am limited to the 600 pre saw planks i sometimes have a huge amount of waste wood in unusable dimensions:

600 / 120 = 5
4 * 120 + 2 * 130 = 740 < which means i have to saw 2 peaces from a fresh plank which leaves me with a lot of wood in a dimension i can may never use again.

So what i want? i want to make a peace of software which puzzles all possible orders of sawing to make the waste closest to 0, or as close to 140 (the dimension i re-use the most). So i can put the amount of cuts and the dimensions in it and the program tells me which planks i need to saw in which order.

I hope you guys can give me some advice, maybe this already exist?! And maybe an advice of the best coding language this is possible with.