Hi all.

My first post here: tad scared

I just wanted to know if this is possible or if I am looking at the wrong type of coding. (I have just started coding as a side task at work and loving it)

What I really want to do it to create a launchable file, which is why I was thinking HTML doc that when loaded looks at 4 different file locations on a local drive/mapped drive all on the same network. It will not be opening these files at that location just looking at the folder to see if it contains the files

The reason is that I have a SQL script running and outputting a file to a location this is then being moved to 3 other locations. I wanted a single page that can be loaded and looks at all 4 to show me if the file is there, They get moved around at different times of the day so keep opening 4 files at different times through the day is a pain. If I can do it in a Web page I can set it to refresh so I donít need to worry.

Any help is great and OFC if it is possible to do.