I am no computer scientist, programmer, I still don't understand all of Excel. But I know computers are important and here is my question.

I run a High School. I want my students to learn computers beyond word and excel. We have no rules from government on what they must/can/should learn (unique private school)

I want to put the students in classes of 10, in front of computers with someone with a masters in computer sci to learn 'computer stuff'

As I said I am no expert, so I don't know what 'computer stuff' is or should be.

If you were to have 3 years with students and free reign to teach anything... 1. What do you think we should put in their curriculum?
2. What skills should they have?
3. What 'program languages should they learn?'
4. Any programs they should learn?
5. projects?
6. Minimum hardware? Can I just buy some old XP computers en bulk or those raspberry pi computers I saw in the news?

I know this something I will talk about when I hire a teacher, But before I get to that point I wouldn't mind some advice, reading, or suggestions. This is an experimental class program in an important field run by an old fart that doesn't out of his league...