Hi folks,

Need some advice please.

I have made a customised version of the Tor bundle which contains Firefox and a proxy that I am running on one of my servers.

I am quite good with PHP but I do not know anything about making software for desktops.

What I would like to do is have the Tor bundle as a standalone Exe which I can also update remotely or on instance of the package it will let the client user know there is an update available.

The reason being I want to make it look like a standalone program with files/folders that cant be rummaged through as that would expose trade secrets I have spent time and money developing. Ideally I would also like a way to terminate to expire the package after a 7 days free trial or on payment failure via Paypal.

Not to be draconian but like I said this is a premium service and I spend a lot on development but also customer service. My clients tend to be older people with no PC experience at all and I have to spend hours sometimes helping them. I cant do that for free.