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Bypass hack-shield and create false heartbeat and incorporate .dll export for Maplestory client.

"Memory allocation. I would suggest, creating a memory wipe script. (Thus stopping scanning.)
Although thinking, MS would disconnect you, because the heartbeat wouldn't be detected... So you would need to falsely create the heartbeat. I would suggest re-routing the packets of the hackshield. Anyway, that's all theory.

If we could get the base address for the CRC bypass I could turn it into a full bypass. Although creating a bypass for MS he would need some knowledge in ASM... Codecaves... eek!

O' well Hmm. If we can get me the pointers and addys I'd gladly try creating a bypass for the cause."

MS | Bypass
There two separate things.
But... The bypass hooks itself to MS thus starting the protection, MS verifies that the Bypass hooked on by looking for a heartbeat.
But. If you can install/inject you own "protection" you can mem wipe hackshield. (Clearing it.)
The AoB for MSCRC is 0F B1 09 1E...
Anyway, we can use that for create a simple CRC bypass