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    I have some questions about the job as a Computer Programmer

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, and I just have a couple of questions that I would like answered in detail. I'm interested in becoming a Computer Programmer and have already done some research, but I would still like to ask someone who does it for a living these questions.

    Question 1. Is the stereotype that programmers have no "life" (barely have anytime for anything else) true?
    Question 2. How long did it take to get a job?
    Question 3. What's the job market like for Computer Programmers?
    Question 4. What are some things you did that made you stand out?
    Question 5. Was there anything unexpected when you got the job?
    Question 6. What would you look for in an employee if you were a boss hiring?
    Question 7. How stressful can your job be?
    Question 8. Is there anytime when you regretted getting this job?
    Question 9. Is the industry high pressured?
    Question 10. Are there benefits associated with this job?

    Thank you in advance!

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    1 no
    2 1 month
    3 very good
    5 no
    6 sincerity and a bit good cgpa
    7 a bit but not very much
    8 nop
    9 yeap
    10 not ver much in starting but you will get them with the passage of time


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