Hi guys,

I no literally nothing regarding computer code yet stupidly i have found myself needing to very very quickly.

Im doing a masters in contemporary art working in new media installation with a huge deadline in 9 days. Due to a sponsor dropping out of a project i have had to very quickly undertake a secondary project which is completely under developed. A friend of mine suggested contacting this forum as he has found friendly and helpful advice here.

So here we go:

I have a tunnel the width and height of a door which is 14 feet long, at the end of the tunnel is a digital timer. The idea is that when a person enters the tunnel the digital timer starts and the sound of ticking begins. As the person walks toward the timer the volume of the ticking increases at the pace of the persons movement. when the person reaches the timer the now very loud ticking stops and the timer resets to zero. the person is logged and can not do it again. If the person re-enters the tunnel the timer remains at zero and no sound commences.

I have used an xbox kinect as the camera and found source code which handles most of the requirements. It is a prototype security software which measures the limbs of the person and if it doesnt recognise the measurements it starts an alarm, sends a text message and takes photographs and uploads them to picassa.

I have blindly fumbled my way through and managed to change the sound from an alarm to ticking but everything else eludes me. As i said above I am completely ignorant to coding and have found myself royally in the **** on this project. Any help would be more than appreciated.

If you've read this far, thanks for your time