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    Some info on programming please

    Hi all

    Just wanted to know how people make a living off coding nowadays(or a good income) ?

    I know that there is a lot of people freelance coding lessons and web designing . But I mostly wanted to know some other interesting ways coding can offer you a good income. Are there people making a living creating apps? or games for Android/IOS ? Tell me some of the most popular ways please.

    I just wanted to get some ideas because i get very motivated! And coding as a hobby after my day job sounds really interesting but......when i sit here and think "ok ... start learning to code" the next question pops up "then what can i do with this" .

    Sooo i would like to know the potential of it

    Thanks in advance,


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    Having sound knowledge about the programming what you are learning .Approaching and result is very important .Once you are very well in that , you will be the successful person.


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