Hello. new to the forums. First off. this forum seems to be geared towards web development more than general computing, but in a quick Google search this is the 2nd place (first place screwed up the registration process >.<). So I'll shoot my question here.

I have been coding with C# for quite some time, and have a solid grasp on the language. One of the key learning tools was the IDE itself Visual Studio 2012.
I started learning C/C++ and asm recently and am enjoying it very much. The reason I started was to ultimately code for the MIPS R5900.

The problem is, the Libraries/Cross-Compiler/Headers are all linux based. Which I am okay with, I've always liked linux, but I have yet to find an IDE that comes close to VS.

One of the key features that helps me the most is, "auto-complete". I type part of a function and a drop-down box appears with everything I can do with said function. (comes in handy for libraries I've never dealt with before)

Other cool thing about VS. when I go back and edit a line of code, say remove it, change its length, or even copy it into another source file.
I can just remove and add the last "}" and VS makes it all pretty.

The closest I have found as a VS linux alternative is Eclipse, with the CDT plugin. but it still doesn't have auto-complete.

There are many IDEs out there. But maybe there is that one I've over looked.

Summary: I Want an IDE that is like VS but for linux (doesn't have to be a exact-clone) Key features, auto-complete and auto-formatting.