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    Question Inputting user data into an editable PDF

    I have a very vague question but have decided to try and figure out how it is done. I am sure everyone is familiar with Turbotax at this time of year. My questions is this; how do you take user input and place it into the desired field on an editable pdf and then allow them to print it?

    I apologize if this sounds dumb but I am in my second year of CS degree and cannot figure this out. I understand from a web form point of view that I can take user data and input it into another section of a form based on the ID of that textbox but with a pre-existing editable PDF.

    Any insight would really help put my curiosity to bed on this one. If I should post in a specific part of the forum, please let me know.

    The curiosity is killing me.

    Thanks a bunch for any insight.


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    simplest abroach would be prolly to keep your template in any editable format you can print from command line.
    then you fill up user-supplied data and send it to software PDF printer.
    just like you print to PDF file in your word processor.


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