Hello There CF,
I am looking to create an ICQ type program with specific requirements and am looking for input on a few things...

First the requirements...

  • Must be able to broadcast to all users
  • Must use in house server not web server
  • Must be able to pop to front in windows
  • Must keep a running history of posts even when a user is offline, and display those to you when you log in
  • All users must be able to access a single broadcast "channel" whether that be a user id that all have access to or a different method

Now a bit of background on me ... i have experience in C++, VB6, VB.Net, Java, HTML and minimal experience with C#. Also i am a fairly quick study so an unfamiliar language is not out of the question

The input i am looking for is what language/languages would i be able to accomplish this on a decent sized scale.

Any input is appreciated...