I am a sophomore in high school who has recently been assigned a career project. For the assignment, I need to conduct an interview of sorts with someone who holds a career in my field of interest. My interest lies in computer programming, but I do not know anyone else even remotely involved in computers, so I was wondering if I could interview you guys. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here are the questions:

When did you first realize you wanted to go into this career?

After you realized this, what did you do to prepare yourself for this career?

What type of training or schooling did you have to complete in order to become a programmer?

How much time did it take to complete the training/schooling?

What is the best part of your career?

If you could change anything about programming, what would it be and why?

What suggestions could you give to high school students who are interested in programming?

How does a typical day at work go for you?

What is one of your most interesting memories from your career?

Aside from schooling/training, what does it take to be a programmer (i.e. quick thinker, logical, etc.)?

What are your thoughts on the direction the computer industry is heading?

What are some benefits of being a programmer that other careers do not have?

What are some disadvantages to being a programmer that other careers do not have?

What type of environment do you generally work in (small office, at home, etc.)?

What is your favorite sandwich?

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.