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    c++ game for practice

    I have recently started learning C++, I am a decent programmer with a major skill in php. I decided that in order to test out my skills I wanna develop a small game for the fun of it.
    I have the concepts all drawn out and some of the coding complete. I was going to see what some of you thought would be the best way to store information to bring back into the game.
    Example: tracking a user's data. Being able to press save and exit out then come back and assume his saved place.

    Would it be better to use a mysql database or files??
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    I think it would be better if you put them into files. It is very complex to incorporate C++ with MySQL. Basically the files can be programmed to be saved in the same root folder as the game.
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    I would not use files- that is an archaic method; databases are designed to be data repositories and used as such, files are made to house other information.
    ODBC is what you want to research- 'ODBC C++ MYSQL' produces thousands of hits as well as combinations of the three
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