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    Question Find the fixed point of an array ...i.e return i if a[i]=i..

    Write a C program for the following algorithm

    OBJECTIVE: Find the "fixed point" of an array

    Input: an array A of *distinct* integers in ascending order.

    (Remember that integers can be negative!) The number of

    integers in A is n.
    Output: one position k in the list, such that A[i]=i, if any exists.

    Otherwise: "No".

    method 1 :
    If A [ i ] > i , we can ignore the right half of the array because

    in right half ,for all j > i , we must have A [ j ] > j since A [ i ] >

    i, as all the numbers are distinct.
    Similarly , if A [ i ] < i, we can ignore the left half of the array

    because in left half, for all j < i , we must have A [ j ] < j since A

    [ i ] < i ,as all the numbers are distinct.

    method 2:
    n = size of array
    take it=n/2

    iterate till it>0&&it<n
    else if(A[it]<it)
    return it

    if loop returns nothing return error msg

    (Post new methods if any ...)

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    Oh that's cool.

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