I have been trying to figure out how to work this project for a long time (6+ months) but have been deployed and haven't had reliable internet.
All I'd like to do is create a some sort of program (macro, or background program) that allows me to convert mouse input into directional keystrokes or joystick movements.
This probably sounds like a weak concept but it is a small part of a larger idea.
Eventually I'd like to be able to allow a user to move through a 3-D environment with only mouse movements (i.e. MouseUp = Up Arrow, MouseRight = Right Arrow etc).
Is this a simple programming task? I can't figure out how it works with what limited programming knowledge I command. Or will this require me to hire a programmer (or a team of them) to complete?
Another possibility (wrong forum perhaps) would be to use a preexisting 3D environment (SecondLife) and just have a Java macro or something to demonstrate how the movements will work.
I really appreciate any help anyone could provide. As far as I can tell this is uncharted water so I can't just download a program someone has already thought up.
Biggy Bruiser