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    How to make this program in visual basics?

    Since i have to study for school tonight, and i dont really want to study, i want to do something fun, so i came up with the idea of creating a program, where you enter in your question, then the answer of the question (multiple questions) then be able to go to another page or something and be able to randomize the question and study (kind of like note cards but on the computer)

    If anyone can guild me to a tutorial or what i have to use that would be appreciated

    This really isnt homework, as im not turning it in, i just want something i can use on the computer rather than using some note cards
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    The easiest way I can think of to do what you want is to create a two dimensional array and hard code all of the questions and answers.

    If you want to go more sophisticated, you could create a database and save the questions and answers in the database.

    You could also create a text file in which you write the question on one line, then the answer on the next that could then read by your program.

    There are of course many other ways of doing it, but those are probably the three most common methods...
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