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    How can I 1.exe + 2.exe = 3.exe make it to work ?

    Please give me the code for this or show me how to do it in VB or any other way.

    MARIO.EXE = installs Mario game

    SETUP.EXE = msgbox "Are you sure you want to install Mario on this computer ? + buttons 'Yes' & 'No'


    If MARIO.EXE is double-clicked will begin installation of the Mario game showing the progress bar and when the installation is over it is showing a window with a message saying "You have successfully installed Mario on this computer. Do you want to launch Mario now ?" "OK" "Quit"
    <This does exactly what I said above and nothing more>

    If SETUP.EXE is double-clicked a msgbox with the message "Are you sure you want to install Mario on this computer ?" and buttons with "Yes" & "No" will appear.
    <This does exactly what I said above and nothing more>

    What I want to do is to compile the above 2 exes (MARIO.EXE and SETUP.EXE) together to result in a third exe which will become NEWMARIO.EXE

    When NEWMARIO.EXE will be double-clicked the msgbox should appear saying "Are you sure you want to install Mario on this computer ?" and buttons 'Yes' & 'No'
    and -if the user presses 'Yes' the installation process should begin to install Mario
    -if the user presses 'No' then close the msgbox and cancel the installation.

    iexpress doesn't have an option to choose not to install Mario if the user presses 'No' so I can't use that as a compiler because it will install Mario anyway. What other options do I have ?

    And what's the code for ...when the user clicks 'Yes' (I want to install Mario on this computer) to actually begin the installation process.

    Quite a long post, huh ? Well, thanks to anyone who has the patience to read my post and really tries to help me and hopefully one day I will have the necessary knowledge to help others seeking for help on this forum.

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    You can't merge two EXEs into one easily without taking the source from both programs and compiling them together, which is the best solution.

    If you can modify your SETUP.EXE, but not MARIO.exe, then you make SETUP.EXE ask if to install, and if YES, you run MARIO.EXE, which might be the simplest solution. The other would be to package MARIO.EXE into your SETUP.EXE and have it extract it to a temp directory and run if YES is clicked, which gets more complicated.

    If you don't have the source of either one, your out of luck unless SETUP.EXE return something when YES is clicked, and based on that you run MARIO.EXE next.


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