Howdy! I'm new here and I have a huge question.

Question: I'm trying to run commands automatically on a shell within cmd and don't know what to do.

cd C:\android-sdk\tools
adb shell
cd /data/local/tmp   <-----Note: This should be run WITHIN the adb shell
Dilemma: I have been trying to make a .bat file with those exact commands (and others, but let's take it one step at a time) but once it gets to adb shell the cd /data/local/tmp command won't do anything. The .bat file pauses I'm assuming at sdb shell because it starts a new shell within the cmd shell.

So which language/how can I be able to type commands automatically within the adb shell? I have success making a vbscript with SendKeys but that's WAAAY inefficient for if the user clicks away from the screen, the code will not properly be run.

Please, any input on this would be great!! I'm trying to get this program up and running but this is holding me back