With the SetupAPI.DLL I exicute
Function SetupDiGetClassDevs and get a pointer

Then Begin a loop
Then I run
Return = Function SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces with SP_DEVICE_INTERFACE_DATA.cbSize = 0 to get my size of what SP_DEVICE_INTERFACE_DATA needs to be

Then I set size and execute again
SP_DEVICE_INTERFACE_DATA.cbSize = return (the size)
Function SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces

From the data structures I get
And a heap of information from the registry if I want it I beleave

What Iím realy wanting is to access the HID.DLL and call
HidD_GetAttributes to get VendorID, ProductID, and VersionNumber
To this patiular device one at this time so I can ID the device.
I expect this paticular info would come from the USB device its self.
Can any one show me how to do that.

By the way in my verion of windows XP Iím using the registroy path, I cannot find
I do not even get HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum\

P.S. The internet has no help and Lake View Research realty do not know what they are doing in my eyes. The code is all over the place.

Thanks in advance,
J Lex Dean