I am in need of a Windows application. Any programming language is OK. This application must accomplish the following tasks:

1. Pop up a simple one page install window.

2. Make the application part of the Windows Startup process AND allowed by Windows Firewall.
- The application should begin to run when the computer starts/boots up, and close when the computer shuts down.
- The application must be allowed by the Windows Firewall (if it's enabled) since it is working with internet transmissions.

3. Create a SOCKS5 server on computer startup. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOCKS for more information about the SOCKS protocol.
- Randomly change the SOCKS5 proxy port every hour. (ex. 1st hour, port: 10395. 2nd hour, port: 60289. 3rd hour, port: 196027. etc...)

4. Send HTTP POST data to MYDOMAIN.COM (ex. "randomProxyPort=59102" OR "randomProxyPort=3210") every 15 minutes.

Some Specifications
- The running application must use NO MORE THAN 30 MEGABYTES of available computer memory.
- Must be compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the new Windows 7.
- I will require the FULL SOURCE CODE of your application.

This application is incredibly simple, it should not take longer than 2 hours to code.
- There are NO Graphical User Interfaces to create...
- There are NO custom settings to create...
- This application consists of a single install screen, and a simple background function.

Please respond ASAP if you are able to complete this project within 14 days for $75 USD or less.

Feel free to contact me via Private Message.

I will respond to your message within 48 hours.