Can anyone please kindly help me... thank..

I m now handling the project on IRC chat using socket programming - basic visual C++ codes.....

however, i don really noe how to start...

i think of doing in this way:

1) TCP Connect to "" Port 6667
2) USER benny 0 * :jeremy
3) NICK sadistic
4) Wait for some handshake
PING :12312312345
5) reply with
PONG :12312312345
6) Wait for MOTD
7) To join a Channel
JOIN #Dating
8) To talk in a channel
PRIVMSG #Dating :hey, what's up?
9) Watch out for the PINGs
10) must always reply to such request, or else u will be booted out
11) To part from channel
PART #Dating

doea anyone written such a program b?? can u show me a sample??? thank...