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    Binary div in C/C++

    Hey there,
    I'm having a hard time coming out with a binary div function. I'm using this pseudocode as my guide:

     function crc(bit array bitString[1..len+n], int len) {
         remainderPolynomial := polynomialForm(bitString[1..n])   // First n bits of the message
         // A popular variant complements remainderPolynomial here
         for i from 1 to len {
             remainderPolynomial := remainderPolynomial * x + bitString[i+n] * x0
             if coefficient of xn of remainderPolynomial = 1 {
                 remainderPolynomial := remainderPolynomial xor generatorPolynomial
         // A popular variant complements remainderPolynomial here
         return remainderPolynomial
    can someone come up with an implementation?
    This is for a cyclicRedundancyCheck (all in all, all i'd like is 2 binary nums divided).
    I'm aware that binary division are done by shifting and xoring, can anyone come up with a better idea?

    EDITED: Well I decided that was too complicated so I did it in a different manner...
    Last edited by klam; 03-07-2007 at 09:54 PM. Reason: Solved.

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    Is this cheating?

    #include <iostream>
    #include <bitset>
    using namespace std;
    class DivisionByZeroError {};
    template <size_t bit_len> inline bitset<bit_len> operator/(const bitset<bit_len>& numerator, const bitset<bit_len>& denominator)
    	if (denominator.none())
    		throw DivisionByZeroError();
    	return numerator.to_ulong()/denominator.to_ulong();
    int main(int, char**)
    	static const unsigned MAX_BIT_LEN = 16;
    	bitset<MAX_BIT_LEN> b1 = 32;
    	bitset<MAX_BIT_LEN> b2 = 4;
    	cout << b1 << "/" << b2 << " = " << b1 / b2;
    	return 0;
    Last edited by ralph l mayo; 03-07-2007 at 10:52 PM. Reason: More complete example with syntactic sugar. Same issue-dodging core.


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