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    creating an intranet

    hi all

    with quite a bit of help from a fellow cf user, I was finally able to get a small server working here in the office - unfortunately our schedules have changed and we can't seem to coordinate time to proceed with the next part of my mission (now watch him be the first to offer advice *chuckles*)

    the server has been setup with linux, apache, mysql, and php

    the next thing that I'd like to do is begin working on a series of web pages for the office for an intranet app but I don't know how to set this thing up to host them - and on top of that...some of my employees (including myself) will need to be able to access the intranet from outside the office

    I'm sure I haven't given enough information but let me know what else you need to know and if anyone is able to offer any assistance I would greatly appreciate it

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    I am so lost...what is it that you are trying to do again?
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    Well first off... Make sure you have your DNS configured internally so that you can use whatever address you need... Then after that, open a port on your firewall (i.e. 8081)... After you do that you can then set your intranet site to respond to that port and get your primary website to forward requests to the intranet site when someone requests that specific port from the outside (this saves having to create and external DNS entry for the new intranet site)...


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