have been looking for far to long now; have had no luck finding the processs for allowing file types like .cfg to be downloaded. They upload fine using pure ASP however can not be downloaded. I get a windows file type sensitivity error. To see this error:

2..UN = testUser
3..PW = testUser
After you are logged in you will see three problematic file types (.bat and .cfg and .asp) / right click / file save as / [problem occurs here]

Feel free to upload any docs you wish to test with (max 59Mb) Would very much appreciate thoughts on this one.

FYI:You may delete any files you upload

Additionaly the same problem occurs in this scenario:
Files over 50MB get split. The split utility appends an integer file suffix. So if a 150MB file called myFile.psd gets split into 50MB chunks it produces:

And the Merge batch file also gets uploaded:

I am assuming 2003 does not allow integer file sufixes in adition to the ones mentioned above, how can I do this? I develop using XP pro (IIS 5.1) there is no such security on XP, it allows the downloading of all the files mentioned above.