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    write protect partition

    Hello, Is there anyway to write protect a partition. but not from another partition like not a secondary "storage" partition but an active partition with an OS installed on it and have everything run off system RAM? I have a few linux live cd's that can run entirely off RAM. I was wondering if there was a way, on a hardisk partition, to emulate the write protect feature.

    I remember having an old motherboard that had a jumper that I read in the manual said, "write protect HDD" Is this still possible nowadays? Is there some hardware like a HDD controller card that can manage read and write access to the disk?

    What im trying to do is have 1 partition for all my applications detached from the internet. and another partition to be write protected for browsing the web. only program running would be like firefox/opera or something with minimum OS intsalled, something like less than 300MB i believe and my ram exceeds that.

    any help is appreciated.
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    Hmm I recently put together a live Win XP CD. I found out how to do so here http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/


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