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    Will temporarily disabling an email help alleviate spam?

    I have a control panel so I can easily disable an email address. Will this help with the inordinate amount of spam I am receiving? At this time, there's nothing really important I would miss so it wouldn't hurt to try...I just wondered if anyone had any insight? If the spam gets bounced, do most spammers then remove you?

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    In my experience, half the spam comes from viri collecting addressbook data from infected systems, so that part won't be affected at all. The rest of the spam, it might, or it might not. The only really good way to filter spam is to filter at the server level, only accepting things if they go exactly per spec, since most spam mailers fail to follow the specs. (And it's not in their interest either, since they want to mailing to go as fast as possible.)

    Spam filtering at mailbox, fetch or mail reader level doesn't really help except for hiding the problem.
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    I'm not sure if it would help or not. It would definetly be worth trying I suppose. If you do try it, make sure to post back with how effective it was.


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