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Thread: RedHat 9

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    Question RedHat 9

    Could someone please either tell me or give me a link to all the programs and stuff that comes included with a RedHat 9 installation (3CD's)?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Depends where you got the CD's from , some magazine-cover type compilations include loads of extra's, some don't, my question is why RedHat9 ? why not Fedora (if you want the redhat family?) unless you have RedHat Enterprise version.

    At the very least you will have Apache, PHP, PERL, Python, bash shell, buildtools & compilers, named, proftpd, MySQL/PostgreSQL + all the usual GNU stuff, Gnome desktop (probably with option for KDE/Ice etc) and probably OpenOffice, Gimp etc etc.

    The only thing missing from my last Fedora Core4 install (indeed any redhat install) was something like mplayer for playing wmv's and asf's etc but `yum install mplayer` normally fixes that.

    Is there something specifically you want it to have ?
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    Here is a list of some applications that come with RH9. http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/l...lications.html There are alot of packages come with the CDs. Is there a reason you want the whole list or are you looking for something in particular?

    Also as was mentioned unless you are working with RH Enterprise then Redhat Fedora would be the best choice. Current Fedora release is 4.
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