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    Can't view local sites over network

    Hi all, I work for an internet company and we have an internal network running. We recently had problems with our router and had to get a replacement (identical model) which now works, however since we replaced the router it is not possible to view local websites over the network. For instance before the router was replaced we could type in http://nameofsite in the browser and this would allow us to view the site over the network whilst it was being worked on, but now it comes up "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)" all of the time. The guy that set all of this up has now left the company and is no longer an option to ask.

    The server is running Windows 2003 Server.

    When we first got the replacement router, the default IP was, however it was previously, which I have since changed, but that still did nothing.

    The server is set to obtain an IP automatically, as are all of the other pc's on the network.

    I have setup a few screenshots to show how our system is setup. I've included DHCP, DNS, Modem setup and IPCONFIG shots.


    I was advised that the router was running DHCP as well as the server, so I turned off DHCP on the router and this stopped the internet working altogether, however it did enable me to view a site using http://server/nameofsite. I've changed this back since as I couldn't do without internet access.

    These server settings have not been touched since the router was replaced, so I'm almost certain it is a problem in the setup of the new router. The router is a Speedtouch 510.

    Hope someone can help, it's driving me insane!

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi , I know nothing of windows server stuff but it appears you are using it AND the router for DCHP (with different ranges) , choose one or the other ...

    I know stopping DCHP on the router is losing the internet but I suspect this is how your system has been set up and how you should proceed , you probably just need to reconfigure the internet on the server , I am pretty sure there is a wizard for doing just that?

    Quote Originally Posted by djfenom
    When we first got the replacement router, the default IP was, however it was previously, which I have since changed, but that still did nothing.
    ... probbaly because the DHCP was coming from the server not the router , was probably correct for the WAN
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