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    How to Auto Install the Program!


    We burn our annual report in CD format with pdf file format, so for them to read the pdf file they need Acrobat Reader. What I intend to do is add the Acrobat Reader installer (.exe), so that user can click and install the Acrobat Reader before they read the annual report. I create an initial file call index.htm and there has a link for the user to click and install the .exe file, for example:

    Please Click Here If You Don't Have Acrobat Reader

    When the user click, there is a download dialog box pop up, and provide two option:

    1.) run from current location
    2.) save this program to the disk

    I don't want this file download dialog box, what I want is when the user click the link, the .exe file Automatic Unpack the Acrobar Reader exe installer, Please tell me How???


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    Your question has an answer. The CDROM needs information burnt to it at point of creation which will allow auto run. The file in question is allocated the privilage of running when the CDROM starts to spin.

    There is software out there that will make this easy for you.

    The easier, cheaper way is as follows:

    To make a CD ROM auto run open notepad and enter
    the following information.


    Simply change the open path and/or name to suit your own requirements MyProgramToRun.exe

    When you have changed the 'open' setting to suit your needs save the file as 'Autorun.inf'. This file MUST be copied to the root directory of the CD to work.

    NOTE: Disabled AutoRun. If a user has edited the registry on their machine the above will not work.

    Registry change is to set the following registry entry to disable autorun per machine:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Cdrom\Autorun, a type REG_DWORD, to zero. Setting it to 1 turns it on.

    Happy CDRoming
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    I'm not sure you can do that from IE. For obvious security reasons, it would make it easy for a malicious program to be installed without your knowledge. But I may be wrong. Try searching Google.


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