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    Computer Kept Crashing and Heres the Fix

    I thought id share this with the forum in case it is happening to anyone else...

    I built my pc from scratch using

    Asus A7A 266 mother board
    ATI all in wonder pro graphics card
    512MB DDR Ram
    100g HD

    The problem i noticed from the getgo was that about every half hour the computer would lock up without warning... and sometimes i would try and open apps and would get a low resource warning...

    So for a long time i just delt with the problem saving my work as i went along evey 5 seconds...

    So i checked out my resource level one day as I was doing nothing better and it said Resource level 3%

    I thought NOT GOOD!

    Heres how i fixed it....

    I first got rid of AOL because i noticed it only froze evey half hour when using AOL and about every 2 hours when not using AOL...

    That solved the problem a little bit but it still crashed....

    The Final fix was....

    Goto Control panel - System - and click the far right tab(performance)- then click Graphics button at the bottom

    i noticed that the acelleration was set to full.... Well i turned it down two noches and now my computer doesnt crash...

    I Think the Graphics card was two advanced for the 1.333GHz processor with a bus speed of 266MHz...

    But the point is its fixed but now my game play isnt as good but its good enough

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    Also take into consideration tha ALI make horrible chipsets. I got that POS board and energy saving is out of the question. My friend works at a computer store and when bored he started benchmarking different systems with different setups. Using the a7a266 with SDR RAM benched higher than the exact same system when he replaced the RAM for DDR. Now thats pathetic.

    Had I only known before buying it.


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