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    Question about port forwarding..


    A game says I need to port forward this: TCP 18270

    I know how to do it, just don't know why they put that number in front: since to do port forward I don't use it...??

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    Hi Lashley,

    You are correct, all you should need to do is port forward the TCP. The number at the front looks like an IP Address that they may want you to whitelist? I would not suggest doing this without official documentation from whoever this game is provided by and i would also push back on doing so.

    Port forwarding should be enough for any game and is used to send data to and from the game and your devices through this port (a more direct route). The purpose to this is to increase speeds and accessibility for hosting (when matchmaking is available).

    If you post game details, people may be able to give more information as to what you need.


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