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    How do I create a bootable DOS PARTITION on an external Hard drive?

    I am having a hugely frustrating time trying to do something which, to me is, or should be, SIMPLE!!! I am trying to use an external hard drive (400GB SATA HD not an external optical drive) via a disk docking station (plugged in via the USB port) to load MS DOS 6.22 which when up and running I would then navigate to the directory (where the ISO for the Tablet edition XP ISO is unpacked) to install Win XP Tablet edition on a tablet PC. I'm finding that it is NOT easy. Plus I have limited hardware tools at my disposal. Please bear that in mind when responding. I do NOT want to go out and buy more 'stuff' to do the job (i.e a usb flash drive regardless of how cheap they are) as I plain don't want to do that. In my mind I have enough tools to do the job, its just a question of getting them to work and do what I want them to do.

    My hardware:

    I have a docking station that holds the external 2.5" 400GB HD and plugs in via the USB port. It is seen by the tablet at startup and I can set it to be the boot device.

    I have a Laptop with Windows XP SP3. It has a DVD/CD burner/player. It also has an SD card slot. It has 3 USB ports.

    I have a newly purchased second hand Motion Computing Tablet LE1600. It has Windows 7 currently installed which is NOT its original OS. Win XP Tablet edition is the original OS. I purchased the original Win XP Tablet install disk (two CDs) from the company. The Motion LE1600 has an SD card slot which is not bootable or usable until the computer is up and running (where you see the desktop and are ready to do some work).

    What I have been trying to do is to get the external HD, via the docking station, to be the boot device so I can then navigate to the directory, using the command prompt:
    cd.. [external HD drive letter]\MotionX_directory\MotionXP_setup.exe
    This location is where the unpacked ISO file (created from the Motion XP disk) is.

    What I have done so far is:

    Partitioned the 400GB external HD (as it had a prior installation of XP on it and I didn't want to delete everything off the drive, including the OS) to have a 3GB partition at the front of the drive (it is the first one in terms of sector numbers, and shows as the first partition in DISKPART).
    I have made this partition Primary and Active.
    I then extracted the MS DOS 6.22 ISO file to this partition.
    I then attached the docking station to the tablet and tried booting from this partition while starting the Tablet.

    There was an error that came up:

    Remove disks or other media.
    Press any key to restart
    This was done after two days of researching and trying to get the SD card to boot. No joy.

    I also tried using the camera (using it as an external hard drive) that the SD card came from by plugging the camera into the tablet's USB port with the SD card installed, having created a boot image on the SD card first. That didn't work either.

    Now, some may say that with the time spent on this I may of just as well gone out and bought a USB flash drive (or pen drive as some call them - nomenclature is a ***** when you have so many different names for the same thing - pros using different terms to non-techies).

    I have tried looking for various programs that are able to take an ISO image and 'write' it to a hard drive PARTITION so that it is bootable but all I find are programs that make an image from a drive/partition that is up and running already (and they then make that file a proprietary file format).

    What I also just tried to do is install Windows XP Tablet edition on the external hard drive and then use that to boot into the Tablet. That didn't work either as it came up with a message saying that I was trying to install an older version of XP onto my machine. I was also not given the option of which partition I wanted to install to.

    What I am trying to do is completely different it seems to how these devices are 'meant' to work. Lord knows that some want to get creative with things!

    I do have a beef about how computer engineers make these PCs. Here is a tablet pc that has an SD card slot yet the bios does not recognize the SD slot at all until you have the windows drivers for it loaded up. This reminds me of the times when devices (printers and scanners mostly) were being sold with CDs before CD drives were common on computers (we had floppy drives then). Or when companies didn't provide install disks at all and told you to download the drivers from the net when not many people had access to the net! Anyone remember the fun we had then?

    So why can't SD card slots be treated as boot devices? Laziness or plain lack of foresight is what I think. AND I don't believe that its 'not possible' to do this due to boot sector configurations and other deceptive answers, etc. I dump that sort of mentality in with the founder of IBM who stated that he didn't see much of a market for computers (in the '60s) or Bill Gates who said something about not needing more than 4MB of memory in a pc.

    What I am trying to achieve will also help many others who have similar problems.

    If anyone would like to help and let me know what to do to achieve what I am setting out to do (installing Windows XP onto a tablet pc from an external hard drive via the tablet's USB port) please do.
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