Am not sure am in the right please here/thread.. but will give it a whirl..

I have 5 years of writing data on face-book I would like saving somewhere I can then either work on, or just have accessible to read.. as an e-book or sorts.. possibly for print later..

As I have so much work.. copying and pasting a bit here and there at a time won't be sufficient.. I need a programme that's going to pull off everything on facebook and save it neartly and orderly..

I came across LIKE BOOK and FONICLE etc.. which when I tried out, they download face-book into a book quite quickly..

This is going to be the most convinient way for me to download and save all my data, and I wondered if U could help me with where I would get hold of a programme to do such a thing?

What would be the most effective way other than this?

.. and if I need to be in another thread, accept my apology and kindly tell me where I ought to be..

Best.. and thank you in advance, MaRia <3