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Thread: Typing a 7

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    Typing a 7

    Can anyone please tell me how I can type in the french number 7?

    The 7 that has the horizontal strikethrough.
    I have looked in the W8 character map and cannot see any sign of it.

    There must be a was as I have seen it on several websites.

    All help much appreciated

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    Do you have an example of that?
    I don't believe bar-lined 7 is an actual font set glyph. By hand you should always write the 7 with a bar since it distinguishes it from the 1, especially for people like me that have illegible writing.
    In HTML, it's simply a matter of:
    <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">7</span>
    Which gives the same effect.
    If you can find the actual page it was used on though, then we can take a look at the ascii character in use or whatever entity was used. "7" is pretty obvious in typed text, so I don't think it was ever added as a character (but potentially a font set uses it).
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    I’ve also never seen that as a character in most default fonts used in the various OSs. But there are certainly fonts that have that kind of style to the 7 character. And the 7 with the horizontal bar is not just specific to French. In fact, the only country I’ve noticed people writing the 7 without the bar is the USA.


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